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Animated emoticons will liven up all of your Facebook messages and posts when you share them with your network of family and friends. We’ve designed this gallery of talking smileys to do the talking for you!

Top 50 Popular Text & Chat Acronyms & IM Shorthand – NetLingo The Internet Dictionary: Online Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms, Acronyms, Text Messaging, Smileys 😉 NetLingo is an online dictionary …

Check out the complete list of all hidden skype smileys and emoticons in 2018 and use them to make your Skype conversations with friends more fun.

Question for this Week? If you like music like me when did the music die? Like who was your fav artist. Also if he or she passed away what did you love most about that artist?

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Leading Internet dictionary defines thousands of online communication, technology and business terms 🙂 plus the largest list of texting jargon and chat acronyms 😉 |

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You only have 160 characters to type out a text message. So learning sms short hand, slang, and using smileys to convey emotions, is great for those who want to cram everything into one message.

Here is a large collection of Facebook smileys, chat slang words, text effects and many more tips to use Facebook effectively.

Ass kicking. Visit us to check it out! This icon is WONDERFUL and is one of our choice ones! A very cool icon for using on Skype, Yahoo and Facebook.

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Kiss my ass. This is a very funny emoticon that shows a smiley kissing a big ass. He does not look happy about it!

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