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The NSA just released a sexy new commercial with Sasha Grey.

The One Dialogue, Two Conversations trope as used in popular culture. Two characters are discussing something but they’re discussing two totally different …

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The Worst Text Messages Parents Have To Offer The Best Of “Evil Cows” Grandmas Watch Kardashian’s Sex Tape They Said I …

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Adult Discussion Forum: This is a forum archieve of “Show it off” adult social network. The forum is dedicated to discussions of adult sexuality and contains a lot of useful information about this matter.

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Funny Marriage Advice Tips. Marriage Tips for Men and Wome n. Always Speak Directly to Your Spouse Don’t try to send your spouse a message by having fake conversations with your ren or s and pretending he or she isn’t in the room (i.e.

Fun Questions to Get To Know Someone Funny Icebreaker Questions and Conversation Starters Funny Icebreaker Questions These Funny Icebreaker Questions are for getting conversations started.

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How to Be Funny. Humor can help you connect with other people and make unpleasant situations a little more bearable. Being funny might seem like it takes a lot of work, but it’s actually not that hard once you tap into your inner sense of

It’s by the way funny how people in the US have this thing called “Scandinavia”, when even sometimes the Finns ( Fenno-Scandinavia, mind you xD ) themselves barely understand each other when there’s around 15 culture zones.

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The 30 Funniest Conversations You’ll See On Tumblr Tumblr is full of bright, funny people who share their lives with tight-knit communities in very profound, meaningful ways.

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