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NYPD Blue is an American police procedural drama television series set in New York City, exploring the struggles of the fictional 15th Precinct detective squad in Manhattan. Each episode typically intertwines several plots involving an ensemble cast.. The show was created by Steven Bochco and David Milch, and was inspired by Milch’s …

His ancestry includes Irish, as well as English, German, Scottish and Swedish. On his man’s side, he is related to Confederate Brigadier General Dandridge McRae, who was born in Baldwin County, Alabama.

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FIND THE PIPPA PIG Pippa Middleton in ‘nude blackmail plot’ as cops hunt hacker who tried to flog 3,000 ‘intimate’ snaps for ‘minimum of £50k’

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COPS in Texas were forced to gun down a man who opened fire outside an Ikea store as terrified customers cowered underground. Armed SWAT teams rushed to the Swedish superstore after reports of gunfire near the entrance

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FEATURED COPS. This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves. I will not bore you with their claims of unfairness on my part and the denials they continually issue to cover up their malpractice.

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Aug 14, 2017 · Dancers at Eltinge Theater on W. 42nd St. Due to raids in Brooklyn, burlesque theater owners had their teens appear in semi-nude costume instead of the regular strip show.

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New York City police expressed frustration about not being able to stop naked alien panhandlers from harassing the public.

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