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Oct 18, 2016 · Most men don’t get much in the way of education about periods. (Photo: Getty Images)

reproductive health and justice event. birth control, fertility, sex, birth, UTIs, PCOS, Endometriosis, Viable choice

As you start to become an adult, your body goes through lots of changes and you’ll notice that your moods and behaviour change too. From starting your periods to growing body hair, find out what to expect when you go through .

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Irregular menstrual cycles . The menstrual cycle is a very sensitive thing and can become irregular for a number of reasons. For tips …

Hello..I had unprotected sex on 31st august with my gf..n she took i-pill within 24 hours she get perids on 11 the september, her actual date was 22nd of september.. last month she was getting perids on 11th september so this month periods has to come on 11th october right..but till now she is

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Deer breeding periods are primarily determined by the genetics of the does, but many other factors can affect breeding timing. Deer health, density, sex ratios and habitat conditions are other important variables affecting deer breeding periods.

A late period is one of the scariest experiences if you’re not planning on being a mom anytime soon. It’s actually pretty normal for women’s periods to be

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Factors and theories. While the refractory period varies widely among individuals, ranging from minutes to days, most men cannot achieve or maintain an erection during this time, and many perceive a psychological feeling of satisfaction and are temporarily uninterested in further sexual activity; the penis may be hypersensitive and further

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Learn about abnormal vaginal bleeding causes like uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, adenomyosis, IUDs, hypothyroidism, lupus, medications, or blood clotting disorders.

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