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Silicone Lubricating Grease – Super Lube® Premium Lubricants. Order our Silicone Lubricating Grease for long life protection against wear.

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Explore your potential for pleasure with Astroglide Personal Lubricants. Long lasting and doctor recommended for sexual intimacy, Astroglide has the perfect lube for you

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Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with Syncolon (PTFE) – 400 gram cartridge. Non curing Silicone compound. Non-toxic. Will not react with rubber or plastic.

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Pros: Silicone-based lubricants are the most slippery, which can make them especially good for non-vaginal intercourse.They won’t degrade latex condoms, they work well in water, and they don’t evaporate as easily as water-based lubricants or saliva.

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Silicone based lube has become more popular due to it lasting long. ID Millennium is a quality lubricant that will ensure a long night of erotic pleasure!

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Are you looking for best water based lube? Here is the list of top 5 water based lubes you can use tonight!!!

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Astroglide makes premium quality Water, Organic & Silicone based personal lubricants. Assists with dryness as its also a vaginal moisturiser. Only a few drops needed as it is long lasting.

ID Lubricants have been producing and specialising purely in premium high quality ultra long lasting lubes since 1993 making them the leading manufacturers of …

Non-Staining. Wet® Uranus™ Water-Based Anal Lube will not stain your sheets. Spills and spots will wash away when you launder your sheets as you would normally.