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Pictures and descriptions of different types of Native American Indian homes including wigwams, longhouses, tipis, and adobe houses.

Hundreds of pictures of Victorian houses, both interior and exterior including Victorian living rooms, Victorian bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

See true, unadulterated pictures of Jamaican houses here.

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Find the best home design ideas & inspiration to match your style. Browse through images of home decor & home architecture to create your perfect home.

Researching, getting photographs and publishing this post on fun ‘s tree houses was a lot of fun because it brought me back to my tree house building heyday. You may also like our related posts on s playhouses and backyard playgrounds.

70 Impressive Tiny Houses That Maximize Function and Style. Check out these tiny homes that maximize both function and style.

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Enter the FAIRY HOUSES CONTEST.. You could win a free book, or be voted “Picture of the Month!” Visit THE FAIRY HOUSES CLUB and see even more fun pictures!

The Tudor period is the time when the Tudor family came to the throne. Henry VIII is the most famous tudor king. You can see many Tudor houses in England today. Some of them are over 500 years old! How can you recognise a Tudor House? Most ordinary homes in Tudor times were half timbered – they had

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So I stopped by my local Ace Hardware on my way home to look at some parts for another project, and as I was leaving, I noticed these little bee home things for $10

We’ve decided to visit with Christmas past and share some of our all-time favorite gingerbread houses from Good Housekeeping’s annual gingerbread contest throughout the …

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