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If ya want some California love from Tupac Shakur, it’s about to go on sale — a full frontal shot of the rap legend dropping trou. The photo was taken in the middle of a 1990 house party in Marin County. We’re told Pac would frequently try to shock his pals by exposing his twig, berries and the

Tupac in his prime might’ve been down to have a pic of his junk out in the public — but not a 46-year-old Pac had he survived which is just one reason his pal doesn’t want it sold. We spoke to Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean about Pac’s ex-GF attempting to sell an old photo of his frank and beans

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Penis fencing is a mating behavior engaged in by many species of flatworm, such as Pseudobiceros hancockanus.Species which engage in the practice are hermaphroditic; each individual has both egg-producing ovaries and sperm-producing testes.

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