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Based in Virginia, Japan Imports are a Registered Automotive Workshop offering vehicle importing/ complying and stocking wheelchair and Japan import vehicles for sale.

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Bring your dream car home. Find great deals on Honda vehicles with trusted Canadian auto broker, Tyee Imports.

Oct 19, 2011 · According to U.A.W. talking points, the Japanese car market is closed to foreign imports, and the yen is kept artificially low. Utter insanity on both counts. The customs duty on new cars imported to Japan is exactly zero, and the yen is so obscenely expensive that Japanese carmakers openly threaten

Discover the advantage of Japanese imports direct from car auctions. Choose from thousands of top of the line JDM vehicles at Tyee imports.

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Jun 01, 2013 · Japan and South Korea suspended some imports of American wheat, and the European Union urged its 27 nations to increase testing, after the United States government disclosed this week that a strain of genetically engineered wheat that was never approved for sale was found growing in an Oregon field

Is Japan always the cheapest place to buy right hand drive cars? Most Japanese exporters would say yes and many importers would agree. But they would be wrong.

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Import Smart! We export the best of Japan at unbeatable prices. Real people providing real deals with great service!

The only specialist japanese car importer with a permanently base buyer in Japan. Recommended by UK owner’s clubs & memebers. The best RX-7’s, Supras, STI’s, MR2’s, FTO’s, GTI-R’s, S2000’s, Pajero’s, Hilux

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35,000 Japan used Cars, SUV, hybrid cars, vans, trucks, buses, Vehicles, heavy equipment, bikes, tyres, spare parts ready to export from Japan from trusted

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AUCTION PRO JAPAN is a Japan based company for exporting Japanese sports cars and Japanese car auction. AUCTION PRO JAPAN is a leading Japanese car imports company in the market with a vast selection of models